New Dealer Registration

Complete and submit the following application to begin the new dealer registration process. Once submitted, a Teamwork Athletic Customer Service Representative will call within 24-48 hours to walk you through the next steps to becoming a Teamwork Dealer.

July 17, 2019

1. Customer Information

2. Shipping Information

3. Business Information

4. Business Contact Information

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5.Owner Information

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6. Federal / State Tax Audit Agreement Notification

As a customer of Teamwork Athletic Apparel, I understand and agree that:

1) I am reselling the garments purchased and they are not for personal use.

2) I collect and report sales tax for each garment sold as required by law in my area. (Due to Teamwork's wholesale status, we must periodically make each customer's sales information available to authorities for comparison/audit against sales taxes paid by that customer and we are not responsible for penalties or fines levied on a customer as a result of information gathered in an audit of customer sales.)

3) I am interested in purchasing Teamwork garments for resale only and I will collect and forward all taxes due in accordance with all federal and state laws.

I HEREBY CERTIFY, that I hold a valid seller's permit no. issued pursuant to the Sales and Use Tax Law; that I am engaged in the business of selling that the tangible personal property described herein which I shall purchase from: Teamwork Athletic Apparel will be resold by me in the form of tangible personal property; provided, however, that in the event of any such property is used for any purpose other than retention, demonstration, or display while holding it for sale in the regular course of business, it is understood that I am required by the Sales and Use Tax Law to report and pay for the tax, measured by the purchase price of such property or other authorized amount. This Certificate is good until revoked in writing. Description of property to be purchased: Athletic Apparel